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Installation warning

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not a lot to say. Everything is on the image.


My temp folder is moved to : H:\


Where i have 571GB free space.


Here is where i have the AIRPORT  with two folders named: Orbx_A_KEYW_KeyWestIntl & Orbx_B_KEYW_KeyWestIntl_Overlay

H:\Sim X-Plane BDD\_Obx_Scenery\xp11\KEYW Key West International Airport\Custom Scenery


So for the airport no problem at all. But for the scene FLORIDA This is my second attempt to install it.


Here is where i have the US FLORIDA HD  with four folders named: Orbx_A_US_Florida_Airports / Orbx_A_US_Florida_TE_Custom / Orbx_B_US_Florida_TE_Overlay / Orbx_C_US_Florida_TE_Orthos

H:\Sim X-Plane BDD\_Obx_Scenery\xp11\TrueEarth US Florida HD\Custom Scenery


X-Plane game folder. G:\X-Plane 11

X-Plane custom scenery: G:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery


With in the last one, 4 shortcuts folders:





But a warning message.



Operating system:  W10

Simulator:  X-PLANE 11 11.4XX












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So what i´ve done , is a fresh install of Orbx CENTRAL and delete all the folders named Orbx in C:\Users\Philippe\AppData\Roaming  & C:\Users\Philippe\AppData\Local\Programs


Before downloading "My Products" i´ve moved the Orbx-central (where the Orbx Central.exe is located) folder outside C (OS) drive.


I´m downloading again.



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2 hours ago, Doug Sawatzky said:



First please go to settings\downloader and clear the temp folder.

Then if you have created a backup location, please navigate to it and delete the relevant folders.

Then try again.


Hi Doug,


This is what i´ve got before to clear it :



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