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Orbx Central and Backup


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Operating system:  Windows10

Simulator:   Prepar3dV4



When I migrated to Windows10, I decided to make a fresh install using Central V4, library method and BackUp (october 2019)


To cross check a compatibilty issue with another product, I uninstalled KCGX and reinstalled it in a different library.

It looks like the backup was not used ?

But a fresh one as been created (you can see that there is one file left over of the initial installation)


I tried to search this forum with the keyword backup, but did not found relevant information.


- Did the back up format have changed since october

- Is it still usefull to keep backup (and since what date)









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For hardware update, I had to uninstall and reinstall Prepar3D - and "verify files" of Global (and some other just in case).


The backup was used by Central and has been a great time saver.


So, I think that KCGX was an exception and just no-luck ?





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Hi Gerard,


We haven't changed the backup format since Central 4.0.


Without your log file, it's hard to tell exactly what happened there.


If I were to guess, I'd say you've migrated KGGX from an in-simulator install to a library?


Then, it might have found a missing/outdated file, so it downloaded and backed up only one chunk during the migration process.


Now when you went to install KCGX, it had to download the rest of the files as there was only one chunk backed up.

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