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Florida HD anomolies

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I have the road textures set to transparent,  but it appears as though the median crossovers for

u turns etc did not get turned off in the first pic. These are on US19 in Pasco and Hernando County but

very well could be in other places also. 


In the second picture there appears to be a "shadow" that should not be there.  It continues further up

the highway.


The GPS coordinates are in the pic title.  I have also attached my scenery packs.ini.






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I need to pass this over to @Tony Wroblewski for comment. In the meantime though i notice that you do have a zzz_Florida HDV4 mesh file installed. Although I don't think that this file is the cause of the anomalies you are reporting, it could well cause other anomalies in the TE Florida scenery.....potentially.

Your .ini looks fine.

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It's bad road data in TE Florida itself and nothing to do with another scenery. Sadly, it's impossible for us to clean up all this road data for the entire state, but if you could remember and find the exact point on Google Maps and link it here then we can fix it in the original data so it'll be fixed next time the scenery is built (for a service pack)


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