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Orbx Central - cannot now install sceneries


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I have just moved up from FSX-SE to P3Dv4.   Previously, my FSX-SE Simulation was installed on drive D:   After installing P3Dv4 onto drive E: (path = E:\Prepar3D v4\) I began installing my already purchased Orbx base products into P3Dv4, thanks to Nick answering my question about how to do it.   I then began installing some of the sceneries.   No problems so far.


Orbx Central is running version 4.1.1


For the last few days, I have been enjoying P3Dv4 and a wonderful new found Simulation - and Orbx products as they should be!    As I now have P3Dv4 up and running correctly with my main add-ons in use, I removed FSX-SE completely from drive D:


Today, I opened Orbx Central to continue to install some more Orbx sceneries that I have already purchased.  Upon opening the programme, it showed an update for Australia v2 - which I successfully installed into P3Dv4.


I then attempted to install KOS - and the install failed with a red box - "error - path does not exist"   When I hold the mouse over the blue "INSTALL" box, Central tells me that I must install outside the main P3Dv4 folder - and then tries to install here:-




Of course this folder does not exist - and there is no option to alter the path to either the P3Dv4 library - or to a folder I create for the scenery!


Next, I rebooted the computer (works for a lot of things!) and tried again - same result!   Next, I tried to install a different scenery than KOS to see if the problem occurs again.   This time, I had the option of installing into the main P3Dv4 folder - or another folder outside.   As befor,e I attempted the P3Dv4 install, as recommended by the Orbx Central programme.  While hovering the mouse over the INSTALL bar, this time it correctly shows E:\Prepar3D v4\ as the correct scenery folder path that does exist.


But again, I got the same error - ERROR - PATH DOES NOT EXIST!


I attach my Central.log file as requested, along with hopefully 3 JPGs



Operating system:  Windows 10 64-bit Home  

Simulator:  P3Dv4 (Professional Licence)

Screenshot:  Orbx-1jpg;  Orbx-2.jpg;   Orbx-3.jpg

Issue:  Unable to install two of the already purchased scenery products.



Lee James

West Sussex UK





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please create a new Orbx Central Library for yourself.

First create a folder for it, an empty folder named "Orbx P3D v4 scenery library" would make sense.

You can put it anywhere you like.

Then go to the Libraries page in Orbx Central and click on Create new library.

Give it a name of your own choice in the Library Name box and use the Library path\Change tab to navigate to where your

new folder is.

Click on Save.

Now you will have the option to install to that Library.

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Hello Nick,


Thank you.  Took me a while to find the LIBRARIES page but I found it - and saw the FSX DATA folder path, which I deleted.   


So I put the new Orbx P3D v4 Scenery Library Folder inside the E Drive root folder because Orbx gave me the RED warning and would not allow the folder to be placed inside the P3Dv4 Root folder (E:\Prepar3D v4\)   -  even though all the products that I successfully installed before this happened, ARE currently installed into -


e:\Prepar3D v4\Orbx\ ....


Should I leave well alone?  Or move these sceneries and maybe edit the pathways?


I really want to understand how this works and just make it easier for myself - and Orbx Central.


Thanks for your kind assistance,





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19 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello Lee,

I would advise you to leave well alone and just install the airport that insists on being in a Library.

Purely on the basis of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


Thanks Nick,


I tend to agree!   Really appreciate all your kind assistance.




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