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BUG REPORT - Clipped/Missing Road Overlay TE NorCal

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I appears that the road overlays in the Sacramento area were clipped around the Sacramento River.  The POI bridges are there but the regular bridges, overpasses, interchanges are all missing.  There is an odd object where the road overlay  ends.  This breaks immersion in this area.  Just appears that the overlays were clipped.



This is how Google Earth shows the area:


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3 hours ago, ChubbyTurtle101 said:

Also attaching my log file.  @Jon Clarke Was the clipping an issue with an airport loaded on my machine or an issue with ORBX generated layer?

Log.txt 93.72 kB · 0 downloads

I am not sure about the airport clipping but I missed your scenery packs attachment a couple of posts ago. I have now opened it and note it is completely wrongly layered as far as Orbx NorCal is concerned and doesn't appear to be in the layering sequence that Orbx Central would have installed it. Did you change it or are you using something like X-Organiser?

Anyway, I have rearranged it as far as where Orbx NorCal is supposed to be. It probably won't affect the  points you have made about bridges etc. This is acknowledged by the Dev Tony as an anomaly. The rearranged .ini will however make sure Orbx TE NorCal is in it's correct location.



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17 hours ago, ChubbyTurtle101 said:

So is this road overlay an issue with an X Plane default airport or how the overlay was generated from ORBX?


When I generate the overlays I clip out anything that's inside an airport boundary, including roads. I'm not 100% certain yet what caused this as I'm still looking in to it, but I'm sure it's our bug and nothing you've done or installed

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Jon and Tony,


I did try the updated scenery load order file and the issue in the road overlay being clipped near downtown Sacramento continues.  Just confirming that it was not my load order or other scenery that caused the issue.


I know I may be splitting hairs here but I did see this clip and odd angle in the Rio Vista Bridge.



The clipping just looks a bit weird.  I assuming that you are clipping the road overlay to insert the POI bridges so there has to be a break somewhere.  There is a road that goes under the bridge that has been clipped out.


Thanks for the help

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Noted and alerted @Tony Wroblewski the issues you have reported additionally.

Please note that your original scenery_packs.ini was not correctly layered despite you confirming the reported visual anomalies were not caused by the incorrect layering sequence, and I would suggest you keep the rearranged .ini I sent you as the one to use. The main points in your original .ini were that the TE addons were wrongly place. You had  if I recall the Custom and Overlay files above Global Airports and the yOrtho4xp overlay file ( for your ortho4XP California v 5 file) also above Global Airports. TE NorCal should not be split like that and all 3 files should be directly under Global Airports in the Custom/Overlay/Orthos sequence. What coverage of California do you have in ortho4XP? I am assuming you have trimmed it so only the SoCal part is still active. The yOrtho4XP overlay file should be just above the ortho4XP California v5 file in the .ini.

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