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YSCB control panel issue


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Just switched from FTXC3 to ORBX Central and having an issue with the YSCB control panel. If I try to select the industrial estate density it won't save the changes.

Have tried an uninstall then reinstall with no luck. Have checked all other control panels of my other owned products and they seem ok.

Simulator:  P3D4

Issue: Checkbox won't save changes  



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typically, Orbx control panels stop working when there are both versions of a file that needs to be renamed present at the same time.


This is the relevant section of the control panel, you can see each file name option.



<name>Select Industrial Estate Density</name>
      <option default="true">
        <name>Industrial Estate Density - Lite</name>
        <description>Industrial Estate Density - Lite</description>
        <packs />
        <name>Industrial Estate Density - Heavy</name>
        <description>Industrial Estate Density - Heavy</description>


If you check and see that there are both versions there, you can cure the problem by deleting

either all the on versions or all the off versions but not a mix and match.



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Yes, it looks like the Canberra Cityscape has broken the control panel by renaming

Canberra_FyshWick_industrial_Lite.BGL and Scenery\Canberra_Ind_part01_Heavy.BGL


However, it does not matter as they are clearly not compatible with Canberra Cityscape

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