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Aerofly FS2 Freeware LYNX Mk7 released


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From Creator larryLynx who has been working tirelessly on this project through many trials and tribulations, Congrats on reaching the finish line on this great freeware project!!!


Hi Heli fans


Well, testing went better than I thought so I have just posted the Lynx, plus map making files.




Once unzipped copy the Lynx 7 folder to your


C:\Users\***\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft....for a standard install


Before you start asking questions or posting complaints please read the manual, it's all in there and should answer your question. There is no engine running start, sorry but it's the only way I can get the correct engine start sequence, or accuracy and realism as we all want.


Yes it's a word not allowed to get started the first few times but I can get the Lynx up and running within a minute. If you find it fly's like a bag of sh1t it's because you missed something ( AFCS not engaged or trim switch normally), if the trim doesn't seem to be working, yep you missed something, if you loose hydraulics when you shut down number 1 engine in flight and your in the incorrect flight mode ACC instead of MAIN (yes you can do it if you want) the controls will stop responding. Stop number 2 engine in flight and you'll loose the AFCS and then it will fly like a bag of sh1t. So does the real one. It will fly on one engine..but it doesn't like it...just like the real one. Maybe your getting the point now...JUST LIKE THE REAL ONE


If you are gentle she fly's and hovers like a pussy cat, get too rough with her and she fly's like a tiger on steroids. She will lift into the hover with very little cyclic, if any, and with heading hold engaged it will require no tail rotor. Once in a hover and cyclic trimmed, you can even engage Bar Alt and it will pretty much hover for you. She does require trimming when in forward flight but when trimmed, heading hold and Bar Alt engaged you can nearly go make a coffee, only nearly.


Due to the fact only myself and Jetpack occasionally have tested there may be some errors or faults, these will be corrected over time. No the TANS doesn't work, beyond my TMD skill set, pretty useless in the real one anyway.



Lynx Mk7 Manual





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