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  1. https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/16620-Orbx-netherlands-windmills-upside-down/&pageNo=2
  2. Work in progress version of the EC135 Helicopter in Aerofly FS2. Most of the systems coding such as SAS, AFCS and FADECS are highly unfinished. Even the aerodynamics model is not finished yet. However the video is a little preview of what will be released in near future.
  3. Nice Flight in aerpfly FS2's EC 135 Video by Joachim S
  4. Dear Aerofly Alpha testers, We updated the Alpha once again, fixing many of the bugs you reported Please verify that the following issues are now resolved on your end as well: 2020-08-04 Fixed A320 and LJ45 reversers working again Fixed CDU and CAS text display working correctly again Fixed C90GTx airspeed indicator now receives data again Fixed Nearest airports, VORs, waypoints and NDBs bearing indications are magnetic again Fixed A320 MCDU origin runway now labeled correctly as origin + rwy and no longer destination + rwy Changed Next waypoint identifier now aircraft specific (e.g. KSAN09 instead of 09) Added Autopilot and copilot can now fly arc segments (e.g. KPSP R13RZ approach) The advanced autopilot (A320, B777, LJ45, etc. - not the C172, B58 autopilot) should now be able to fly the entire route laterally without any issues. Please test this as well with longer routes as we can't test every possible combination.
  5. Dear Alpha-Testers, We updated the Steam Alpha once again. Please check if your previous issues still exist or if they are now resolved. Change-Log of today's update, 2020-08-03: - Fixed User scenery loading - Fixed C90GTx before start preset switch and lever positions corrected - Fixed C90GTx electrical and starter switches corrected - Fixed C90GTx PFD and MFD now correctly triple fed - Fixed C90GTx navigation light and position lights - Fixed LJ45 crashed when selecting cold and dark at airports with elevations significantly above sea level - Added GPS 430 / 530 lateral scaling readout in lower left when not in ENR mode - Fixed A320 MCDU init page B and fuel prediction values can now be entered - Fixed FMS/GPS lateral deviation scaling (e.g. in LJ, Q400, C90, Just-Flight aircraft) now computed correctly, should fix too large or even flipped scaling of the CDI needle
  6. https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/16357-aerofly-fs-2-steam-alpha-update-now-available/&pageNo=1 Dear Aerofly users, We have published a new open Alpha version for Aerofly FS 2 on Steam and we need your help testing it. To opt into this alpha version please use the channel ‘alpha’ inside your Steam client. Use this alpha version at your own risk, it might cause crashes and not all things might work as expected. This Steam Alpha version introduces some major changes to how airports and places are loaded. We have also completely overhauled our code for the location and navigation menu. All airplanes now use a more sophisticated navigation system. This update does not yet include the EC135 helicopter that we announced a couple of days ago. Startup time and loading performance has been enhanced for very complex sceneries. Due to the new structure of how airports and places are organized, some existing user sceneries might not work as they do not follow some guidelines. Mostly they do not use a proper identifier or name inside their TSC file. It is recommended to update those TSC files with corrected values. We would appreciate any feedback for this new Steam Alpha version. Please leave your feedback down below and include the tm.log file if you encounter issues, thank you! Detailed change-log: Added Location dialog search by airport icao, iata or name Added Location menu map can now zoom in much closer, allowing you to select start positions on the map directly. Added Location dialog option to select cold and dark and before engine start aircraft state for aircraft that support it. Added Navigation dialog search by airport icao, iata or name Added Navigation dialog selection of departures (SIDs), arrivals (STARs) and approaches. Added A320, B747, B777, C90GTx, LJ45, B737, Q400 selection of departures, arrivals and approaches from the (M)CDU devices in the cockpit Added GPS 430 and GPS 530 option to select SIDs, STARs and approaches (available in Just-Flight aircraft) Added LJ45 engines can be shut down (cold and dark startup now available) Added A320 engines can be shut down (cold and dark startup now available) Added A320 new GPWS callouts: too low flap, too low gear, too low terrain, sinkrate, terrain terrain, pull up, don't sink Added A320 new altitude callouts and minimum callouts Added A320 new wind, cockpit background and APU sounds Added C90GTx EFIS avionics upgrade and several working CDU pages Changed Q400 engine control is quicker and on ground the governor now keeps the rotation speed low more aggressively Changed B58 more engine power and more inertia Changed B58 engine sound improved, volume now varies with power Added B58 starter sound Added B58 DME hold function Added Copilot manages pressurization if no user interaction is made, preventing unnecessary caution messages in the aircraft when there is no destination airport set Fixed B777 engines appeared to rotate too slow, visual speed now increased Fixed DME time indication now correct after frequency change, without delay
  7. IPACS' simulator will get a big update soon which will bring us the second official helicopter for the sim: https://www.helisimmer.com/news/aerofly-fs2-update-ec-135?fbclid=IwAR36_ysZVr4zWSqj2a77Z0gqhg1I26mvNkVQtTk2Ars7gM30fuR82lZWBOE https://www.aerofly.com/community/blog/index.php?entry/19-announcement-major-update-and-ec135-helicopter-coming-soon/ Dear Aerofly FS Community, We're happy to announce that a new major update with a new helicopter and a new and improved navigation is coming soon. - Brand new Eurocopter EC135 twin turbo-shaft helicopter will be added to the Aerofly FS base, free for existing customers. - You will now be able to pick cold and dark aircraft configurations at the parking positions in our new implementation of the location menu. You can now also zoom in much closer on the map to select start positions directly on the map. - We completely re-coded the navigation code to better simulate the complex navigation instruments in the airliners and to offer more options including the selection of full departures, arrivals and approaches (SIDs and STARs) . - New implementation of the navigation menu, for faster and more intuitive route creation. Now more powerful than ever, allowing you to create a realistic flight plan using the new departure, arrival and approach procedures with just a few clicks. - Modification to the multi threading code to speed up scenery loading. Program startup and scenery loading during simulation should be a lot faster if you have a CPU with 4 or more cores. - For better startup time all scenery folders have been renamed so we can avoid loading all scenery TSC files during program start. Instead we now scan the scenery folder names for ICAO codes or longitude/latitude coordinates and check them against our global airport database. The TSC files are then only loaded when the aircraft is near that airport or scenery and no longer during each startup. This should not affect user generated sceneries. But if you have a lot of user created scenery then startup time can only improve if you change your user scenery folders to this new naming convention. It would be great if scenery developers could please migrate to this new approach so that Aerofly FS can stay super fast even with a lot of user scenery installed.
  8. Hello everyone, nothing major but a small fix to Hawaiian Islands: Kauai & Niihau Link: https://flight-sim.org/filebas…ian-islands-kauai-niihau/ Update: "Kauai_places_v2" Small Fix: Animation rework, Fixed Runway numbers, Added/Fixed Airport lights. Update Installation: There is no need to re-download the complete package. Only download “Kauai_places_v2” Make sure to delete the previous folder \places from C:\Users\InsertYourUserName\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\US_HI_kauai. Now copy the unpacked places folder to the the above directory.
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