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After several download attempts I have successfully installed TE GB South and when it runs it runs really well - thank you - but when I fly from EGBB  X-Plane crashes after approx 1 minute run time with the error message highlighted below (screenshot from from X-Plane's log.txt file).  I have run the installer three times now since receiving the error (ie install, configure, verify) but each time after apparently successfully loading the scenery the sim crashes after about a minute.  Is there any way to download directly the missing file (or indeed any others that might be shown later to be missing)?


Thanks for any tips you can give!775189921_ScreenShot2019-12-31at21_05_55.thumb.jpg.441242153cf1b316fe591bb98ef2901d.jpg



Operating system:  MacOSX 10.13.6

Simulator:  X-Plane 11.41




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Hi Josh

Thank you so much for your two considered responses.  The iMac has about 400Gb space and the LaCie about 200Gb.  Is it Ok to use the LaCie for the installation process only, but have Central direct the files to the iMac for installation and independent use?  Or does Central, the installation, and use all have to be on the same disc?

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Getting back to this thread after too long away on other things. I solved the problem in two ways: firstly by purchasing a 1TB external disc which I dedicated to X-plane and installed OSX High Sierra, Orbx Central and X-Plane 11.41 onto it. This set-up remains entirely independent of my work Mac running OSX Yosemite which I did not want to corrupt or compromise. Plenty of space for the download onto the external disc of course, but the second key issue which saved the day was that Central was the only app running throughout the download/installation ie nothing else at all, no Mail, no Safari, no screen saver, nothing. I didn't touch anything for the 12 hours or so of the process. The scenery worked perfectly on first launch of X-Plane and continues to do so, providing 25-35 fps reliably depending on the aircraft and location (running this arrangement on the external disc from the main Mac running Yosemite).


Although the disc space requirement has been referred to very often in the forums and documentation, I don't think I've come across this additional  "keep hands off" requirement anywhere (it might be only a Central vs Mac issue).  It might be a tip worth bearing in mind for anyone else tearing having installation difficulties.


Thanks again for your previous thoughts, and Happy Flying!

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