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Crossgrade YWOL to YWVA

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I can't find the central.log file even when do a manual windows search for it starting from C: drive. I'm using FTX Central v3.3.9.2 and my account is Wayne Anderson skysthelimit707@gmail.com

Operating system:  Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Simulator:  FSX:SE

Screenshot:  YWOL.jpg

Issue:  Crossgrade YWOL to YWVA



I was not aware of the Crossgrade option when I purchased YWOL a second time using FTX Central, the first time I purchased the DVD version of YWOL from PC Aviator Australia. Am I able to purchase a crossgrade license and submit my purchase of YWOL and use it towards YWVA?

Kind regards,
Wayne Anderson




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