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EGTG Filton UK problem


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Good Morning All.  I don't often post, but I currently have a problem with EGTG Filton in FTX England.  I bought a new computer last week and have installed FSX.  I've also installed all of my ORBX stuff onto it, but I haven't installed many aircraft yet.  I was in the process of carrying out a short trial flight and decided to land at EGTG Filton.  The view of the airfield looked ok from about 1500 ft on finals, but then most of the runway and airfield was progressively blocked out by what appeared to be grass.  I continued in on the approach and eventually passed through the grass layer onto the runway below.  I also tried landing on the grass to the south east of the runway, which was successful, but as I taxied across the airfield my aircraft fell through the grass layer onto the ground below.  The grass layer appears to be about 20 feet above the runway.


I expect this has been raised before with different airports.  I remember I had the same problem with Filton when I first installed FTX England on my old computer, but cannot remember how I rectified the problem.  I think I installed a freeware Filton on top of the FTX stuff in the scenery library, but I'm sure there is a better fix.  Can anyone advise me as to the correct method of fixing this?


Many thanks for your help



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