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Communication Error - unable to download new product

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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:   P3Dv4.5


Issue:  Having purchased LSZS earlier, I've tried to install this to my main ORBX Library and get the error "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action".


I have restarted ORBX Central and the PC as a whole, tried connecting via 4G on my phone rather than the landlord's internet but get the same error every time.   Central.log file attached.




Also the OrbxCentralWorker process is running despite what it says in the logs:




I also have 138Gb free on the drive I'm trying to install to




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Interestingly, I downloaded the manual install version then got the same error as before when trying to use the "Install via Manual Download" option.  


Downloaded Central again and re-run the installer and now downloading LSZS without issue so something corrupted Central...


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