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  1. Thank you for finally getting this over to v5. Hopefully the others will follow and we'll see some fixes for those blighted with Dynamic Lighting issues soon also.
  2. Still nothing on bringing EGLC, EGPB and others up to date in P3D... Disappointing...
  3. According to the post I linked: To disable the ORBX_EGPH_Lights.BGL file, just rename it to ORBX_EGPH_Lights.BGL.off
  4. And in October 20 steps were being taken to expedite a fix...
  5. Gerry, unfortunately you join a large list of people getting frustrated by the lack of fix for this issue. Many threads have been posted and closed as a "known issue" but it's no further forward since it was reported back in at June 2020 despite steps "being taken to expedite the fixing of this and other problems with this airport" back in October 2020 You may want to try the solution posted here to get a replacement file from iniBuilds until such time as someone actually decides to address it
  6. Stand 7N has been removed... https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-06-18-AIRAC/html/index-en-GB.html
  7. So have the Freeware elements now been stripped out of the openLC Africa product?
  8. Having already bought the UK2000 Bristol 2020, this doesn't look that much of a step up to want to change over. The building interior lighting at night isn't doing it for me at all. Rare that I say this about a UK airport but not one I'll be purchasing I'm afraid based on these screenshots...
  9. SLOPED RUNWAY SUPPORT!! Can you imagine...
  10. @Kevv Do you use Tomato Shade? If you do, try reinstalling or disable VC reflection profile in tomato
  11. That's because there aren't any - from the AIP: https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-03-26-AIRAC/html/eAIP/EG-AD-2.EGPH-en-GB.html#EGPH-AD-2.9
  12. Surely airports that are designed to work with Regions should utilise the same "season set"?! If a region is showing a particular texture set, then the airport should also!
  13. I believe the shimmering texture issue was raised here: Sorry if not, can't be bothered tracking back through it again while waiting on SP1
  14. It doesn't always rain in Scotland - I remember we had sun one Wednesday...
  15. Thanks @Greg Jones, Solent might be a nice one for you to do as a "little project" seeing as you're just up the road...
  16. Central download working now that I've fixed what appears to be a Central corruption issue
  17. Interestingly, I downloaded the manual install version then got the same error as before when trying to use the "Install via Manual Download" option. Downloaded Central again and re-run the installer and now downloading LSZS without issue so something corrupted Central... Can be marked as Solved
  18. Nick, I killed the process via Task Manager plus also right clicked in the systray and selected 'Quit'. Bear in mind I also restarted the PC which would also kill then relaunch on reboot and it's still happening.
  19. Thanks Nick. Is there a correct link somewhere else or is it "on the list" to fix but lo priority?
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