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EU Norway Installation Hangs-Up


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Am setting-up a new PC and downloading all my ORBX purchases (going back to Oct 2010) into a Library and back-up.

Had no problems yesterday downloading EU England but EU NORWAY would not complete installation. 

On both times I tried it, it stopped at 79% with the following in the progress box: 3.29/3.39 (OB/s) Extracted 6153/6154

On the second occasion I left it for three hours, Task Manager was showing ORBX Central running but using minimal CDU and Memory resources.



EU Norway purchased 3 May 15 purchase no 376494

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  • Doug Sawatzky changed the title to EU Norway Installation Hangs-Up

Hi Chris,


I can see that Central was not downloading the last part of the product. We're currently investigating this type of issue.


In your case it does appear that the install did eventually complete successfully. Is it working okay in the simulator?

2019-11-17T15:54:50.554Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - Found 11 potential products installed.
2019-11-17T15:54:50.555Z [DEBUG] [Central::ProductService] - EU Norway (FTX EU NOR Norway V1.15 November 2016) - Library (My Library) - D:\ORBX Library


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