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Solutions for problems with Objectflow

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If there are two instances of Objectflow 2 in the P3D v4 add-ons menu and both are active,

Objectflow does not work and airport products do not display as intended.

Typical examples will be missing runway textures, building roofs or buildings themselves.



FTX Central and Orbx Central both add Objectflow 2 to the add-ons menu but in different ways.

Orbx Central deletes the Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx ObjectFlow 2 folder when

it is used to install Objectflow 2.


If a customer then runs FTX Central, a new Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx ObjectFlow 2

folder will be created and the next time P3D v4 is run, there will be two Objectflow 2 instances.



Close P3D v4.

Delete Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx ObjectFlow 2

Restart P3D v4.



Either do not run FTX Central if you have already installed Orbx Central

or be aware and after each use of FTX Central remember to delete that folder before P3D v4 is started.


UPDATE: FTX Central is now deactivated.


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To install objectflow using Orbx Central, first an Orbx Central Scenery Library must be created.

This Orbx Central Scenery Library should not be the preinstalled "Main Library" in the Users folder

but a new Orbx Central Library, outside any of Windows' folders.


This is an extract from the User Guide.




Creating a library

The first time you start Central, you will be prompted to create a library. If you would like to create more libraries, you can do this by going to Settings > Libraries and clicking “create a new library”.


This will prompt you to choose a name and an install location for this library.


There are a few requirements when choosing a library location:

  • You cannot choose a location that is within a simulator’s root directory.

  • You cannot place a library at the root of a volume (you’ll need to create a directory). This means a location like D:\ is invalid, but D:\Library is valid.

  • You cannot choose a directory that already contains files.



Once the Library has been created, select objectflow from the Misc section of My Products and click on Install.




Then select your Orbx Central Library




and objectflow will be installed into it.




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