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NA Landclass Issue


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I just finished reinstalling all of ORBX and a refresh of P3D.  I ensured all ORBX libraries and P3d\Orbx Folders were deleted.  I installed everything I could via library method, including NA Land Class.

Not sure if this should be an ORBX Central issue or just P3Dv4 . . .


I noticed that the airport I start at (KSAF) did not appear with much if any change from default.


In looking at my scenery.cfg I see: ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1)

In my add-ons.cfg I see  ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (2).  


If I disable the scenery.cfg entry KSAF area looks like I would expect.


Looking at the P3D v4\ORBX\OLC_NA1\SCENERY folder it has only two files.  Both of these files appear to be older versions of the same named files in the library folder.

Please see attached shots will explain what I see, have sync'd and verified files.






With scenery.cfg  - ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) active:



With scenery.cfg  - ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) inactive:





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