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ORBX and P3D on two distinct SSDs : any improvement?


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With the new option offered by ORBX Central to install files outside the P3D folder, there now is the possibility to use two SSDs, one for ORBX files, one for P3D.

Will there be any improvement in terms of loading speed, in flight smoothness, etc... , compered to when everything is on the same SSDS?

And pushing even further, with three SSDs : a first one for P3D, a second one for ORBX Global (base, vector, regions) and mesh, and a third one for airports (ORBX and other third parties)?

I am asking because with the new ORBX Central  and the release of P3DV4.5 HF2 I plan a re-install, and I have some spared SSDs...


Thanks for any advice






Operating system:  W10

Simulator:  P3DV4.5




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Thanks Jack. It´s clear to me that no fps improvement is to be expected.

I meant to ask if the use of two SSDs would reduce the initial loading time, which would be already well worth it. And by "flight smoothness" I was referring to getting rid of the few seconds freeze when transitioning from one area to another (which I guess is linked to in-game loading, but I might be wrong here) which sometimes occur (always at the same spots).

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1 hour ago, vvince said:

Thanks Nick, I'll follow your advice and put everything on the same SSD.

And try to buy as large of an SSD as possible.  ~1TB if your wallet will allow.  Recommend Samsung EVO line!  I have the 970 EVO NVMe and it rocks.  The 860 EVO's are great as well as a M.2 or 2.5" option.

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