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Freeways/Highways missing?


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Anyone else noticing this issue?


Since updating to latest version, have noticed that the *actual* road lines* for major Freeways/Highways are missing, thus I am not seeing any road traffic.

Examples are from today's flight while passing overhead Nashville, Tennessee. Occurs in all global areas. 






And this is just N-NW of FB's KSFO...




Finally, by DEFAULT SEQM...




Have  Global v 1.4.3,  NA OLC 1.2.0 and Vector v 1.6.3, and using Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.12.30293. Also have all NA, EUR and NZ regions, AUv2, Tress/Buildings HD, OLC Eur and SAmer. Not using TE GB South. Just recently installed Honolulu add-on. Roads/traffic display in AUv2, all my NA, NZ and EUR regions work. Appears only Global areas with this issue. I have run "Verify files" for both Global, and OLC's numerous times, yet that has not solved my issue.



add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg

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I have done a complete reinstallation of Orbx products (BASE, VECTOR, TREES, BUILDINGS and ORBXLIB) and deleted all other scenarii, to be sure that they are located in the appropraite place and order.  Still te same missing roads system... no roads, highways or anything else. They are coming back if i unchek  ORBX!VECTOR_EXX in my library (see the difference on screenshot below for KATL area




And this is teh result after installing openLC North America






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Hi Nick - 


I'm seeing it around San Francisco too, with a very fresh re-install of everything including P3Dv4.5 and OC layering everything the way it thinks it should (though not "advanced layering" - which seemed to cause other issues elsewhere attempting that feature)...


Let me know if I can help test things as we work toward a fix - I'll admit I'm stumped at the moment as I AM seeing highways atop the underlays in other areas (such as my native state Wisconsin).







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10 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


you have at least two OpenLC entries missing from your scenery library, the lowest Vector entry is in the wrong place.

I must guess that you are trying a do-it-youself method of second guessing the Orbx installer.


In my case, no... this is all with the latest ORBX Central installer - all I did was reset my insertion points to below addon scenery and below ORBX regions, with Advanced layering ON and let the new installer go at it after getting the Honolulu package. I don't mess around with "adjusting" unless given (or reading in support forums) of a work around. Maybe time to update the post about the proper layering in the scenery cfg for the whole group, since reading the user guides offer little in answering this particular line of questions.  :)


I will look at the config file via Addon Organizer to see about re-ordering. Can you give me a hint as to which OLC enteris are missing?  Thanks, Nick!

Many cheers,


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Hello Ken,

the problem with many customers using the same topic is that the replies are read by the wrong customer.

The convention is that the post immediately below a post is the reply to it.

Post 3 is therefore the reply to post 2 and not to post 1.

I see nothing wrong with either of the two files you have attached.


I am wondering if, with this sudden flurry of reports of missing roads, whether there is something missing from the installer

or something the matter with the Vector Control Panel.


I have therefore moved the topic to the Orbx Central forum for them to take a look.

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@BlackCloud   @crx0203  @Steve Colbert



I think I have the answer.


It looks like Orbx Central has changed the order of the Vector entries.


It is now:




but it should be:




Please try changing the order to match the second screen shot.


Here is my evidence:







I have put this to the Orbx Central development team.


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1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:

It looks as if this only happens with "Advanced Layering (experimental) enabled.

I went in and re-layered according to what you indicated, and sure enough the roads/traffic are back. Only strange thing is I now don't have SEQM runway, but SEQU which is in middle of the town (and I believe inactive). This issue, however could be a FSAero error...

Many cheers,


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4 hours ago, Steve Colbert said:

@Nick Cooper - Excellent and thank you.


I'll give the re-ordering of the Vector entries a try this evening and re-test the KSQL area freeways and report back.



@Nick Cooper - good job on the fix!


It didn't fix my particular KSQL issue which may indeed be something tied to KSQL itself or the SCA region (or their interaction with Vector).


I'll play with it and if need be file my own topic.





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