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Insertion point not working


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I`m totally confused by this complicated software, i`ve unistalled Central, deleted my Antivirus program because it was blocking some Saturn.exe, i`ve turned off W10 firewall, opt out of fastlane option, deleted Orbx central folder in appdata roaming, opt back in to fastlane, try and reinstall Central and i get the not connected to the internet warning when i`m connected to the net?

Anyone with some ideas.


Cheers Rick

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Not Solved,

                      Sorry,  everytime i try and update Central it gives me the no internet warning again, and when i exit P3d and run central Again i get the same error as well, i have to install Central again to make it work, obviously i`m missing something.

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may I ask you to opt out of fastlane, which you can do here




after logging on to Orbx Direct.


You will then be able to install version 4.0.10 which does work.


I am at present unable to tell you why the fastlane version is not working

as all attempts to contact the development team have met with no response.

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