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Unable to install Orbx Central.


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Hi all,


This looks like a side effect of the fastlane update and we're investigating this now. As mentioned above, opting-out of fastlane will fix this temporarily.


On 9/8/2019 at 10:03 AM, Stil550 said:

Dang it, still not working.  Now I'm getting this within the Orbx Central itself when trying to download and install.


This will likely be a separate issue. Please make a new thread using the guide below.



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Is there a resolution to this problem, please?

It would seem that if one has opted in to Fastlane, and then uninstalled Central 4, then a subsequent re-install of Central 4 will not work because the installer will fail to download the 4.12 update and the 4.10 will not install as a result.

Is this Chicken and Egg, or Catch 22, or am I missing something?

Thanks for any suggestions..



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I have tried this and have the exact same result.

The unnecessarily complicated workaround is to go to this page

and Opt out of Fastlane.

Orbx Central will then install version 4.0.10 and work.

Unfortunately, it does indeed seem that there is a problem with the download of 4.0.12.

I have reported this for you and remain stuck on 4.0.10 myself.

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Guest Josh Koz

We haven't yet identified why the installer is requested the incorrect version. We do have version 4.0.12 publicly available now which should stop this issue from reoccurring for this version.  

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