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Orbx Central 4.0.6 Insertion Point Issue


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I have a fresh install of P3Dv4.5 and have just downloaded the new Orbx Central 4.0.6.  After downloading and installing Base, Vector and a few other products, I used the insertion point tool in the settings.  Now looking at my scenery library, vector is sitting at the top.. Any idea how to fix this issue?






Operating system:  Win 10

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5








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After reading multiple posts regarding the same or similar issue as me I decided to go back to using ftx central v3. Now after installing vector and my other orbx addons, they are being put into my scenery library in the correct order. Seems like it’s an issue within orbx central v4 that’s causing these insertion point problems. 

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Guys - 


Based on that screenshot - Global Base is above openLC.  Isn't that wrong.  


I remember with my ftx central 3 - it always installed it that way and I had to change the scenerylib script (something like that) - there is old thread started by me on that @Nick Cooper had shared a file to copy over the script so that FTX Central 3 would reorder the files.


Hope my input helps.

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