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  1. Any Orbx Devs wanna give me some hints/teasers or clues for Xp11 Cali Airports?
  2. Ah...thank you for letting me know. Man, I bought some of his works on day 1 release. Pure Art!!! I hope he comes back to scenery development soon.
  3. It will be great if the airports can be ported for the other sims
  4. Hi guys, I dunno what happened to Xplane 11.55 with Vulcan, but OMG OMG the graphics and beyond amazing with TE products. See what I own Pic 1 but there is only 1 airport for Socal TE and that is the free one L52. Can I please have all the other airports for this region including untowered and towered. So many are in P3D socal. P3D is crap with default G1000 - majority planes do not even support it, and GTN 750 addon can't get upgraded and then local navdata is not being updated anymore as FSAerodata is out of business. I get latest airac with Xplane 11 G1000 airplanes. And can we please get Nevada, Utah, Phoenix, New Mexico, Colardo, idaho, Wyoming, and Montana in TE Form and some more airports. And here is P3D Look at all the airports for this region are in this sim - but it is missing SRM area. It will be awesome to get PE network in TE style... I know this a fun post but I would love to see more Airport products for these regions in Xplane11 I will settle for all airports for ZLA area only - which is Socal TE - Thank You so much for showing mind blowing visuals
  5. Hi Orbx Devs, Is there plan to bring his legendary work from P3D to Xp11+ & MSFS. I do see another third party dev for KPSP and KJAC - and now there will be 2 devs for each. I have been a huge fan of Jarrad's work (and yes, I got everything of his on here). Thanks
  6. Hi guys, My wife is wondering if you guys do any gift cards? and I assume you guys are not doing Christmas Sale this year? Thanks
  7. I really hope this gets released. Also we need some airports for openLC Africa and these areas also
  8. How can I get commercial airplanes only at the airport with MAIW?
  9. Can someone shed some light about the sub model coming soon for it. That is a becoming a major no-no for me. I do not want to buy something that becomes a sub model and my use stops. That initial announcement is very confusing for me for this product.
  10. I actually want Orbx Quality stuff and I would love if it comes through Orbx Direct. Makes my life easier
  11. Hi guys, Is there anyway you guys can make a special collection for airports for Orbx Africa openLC and South America openLC. I do need some airports but one or two airports isn't enough to cover this huge landscape. Is there some way you guys can make some sort of pack of airports. It doesn't have to be 100% in depth Orbx Level airport even 75%+ middle level quality will do (just please put some Orbx people walking all over the place). That way there is some airports to fly around and see the landscape of these 2 huge continents. Airports which can handle small, medium and big airplanes. Something way more enhanced than your freeware Orbx Global Airport pack. I will be willing to pay for such unique addon.
  12. I am not seeing this. I just did load up a flight with FSLabs A320 with EGNM on top of Orbx EU FTX with utLive 2 Addon with EA on in the sim. It was like normal 4.5-4.7gb of VRAM with 2070 Super. I will try it again and see what happens
  13. Looks like the trend for EA has begun. It is all good. I really want to see India in Flightsim. So I am for it even to beta test (count me in). I have tested for you guys before. All in for openLC Asia Part 1 Lets get all the Indian mountain ranges, Himalayas, and Nepal in hi def.
  14. Thank You Ed. Finally I will be able to have whole planet Orbx Global (true to its name). And I can visit countries like India, Singapore etc so much to see on that side of the world.
  15. I am just hoping openLC Asia is gonna be made - and that would make entire planet on Orbx textures. We do need Orbx White textures for the North/South Pole though with Santa People Flow in North Pole. That would be a great touch.
  16. I need planet Orbx.....awesome news. Can't wait
  17. Weird thing is it didn't show up in My Products page but it shows in page where all the other airports are (like the ones I don't own) and I was able to install from there. Thank You
  18. Thank you guys - This is excellent news. I love this airport in P3D, and I sure I am gonna have fun with this. Keep up the good work.
  19. Hey guys, How is this product only 54MB? or is that a typo. I have never seen payware airport with that size From your page The download size of this product is 54.73 MB. It uses 0.00 B when installed. Thanks
  20. Whoa...what post. So is this related to v5.1 - oh wow. Looks like 5.1 is nearing release...
  21. Hey guys, I thought Vector got fixed for P3Dv5. It appears it is missing again on my OrbxDirect. I am unable to install it Am I correct or something wrong on my end? Thanks
  22. Thanks Nick that this airport will be made for v5. I love that airport.
  23. Looking forward to seeing this. I missed previews that this product just came out.
  24. I love static airplanes. Do not give me empty airports. I wish there as a tool for P3D that would put static airplanes in every airport and then I do not have waste resources for AI. I am really surprised no one came up with that idea. I love the Orbx people walking around even in default airports like for NZ-NI/SI
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