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Major issue, New install and Nothing seems to be working.


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Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5HF


Issue:  Nothing seems to be working at all.


I have run the insertions point app, and it doesn't work at all, Orbx stuff is all overt the place, I installed my FlyTampa scenery (had for about 6 years now with no issues) and it looks like it's under a black

plain. I have NEVER seen this before. (latest download was working before with P3Dv4.5)


My orbx stuff is all over the place in my scenery library, I tried making another one but, it doesn't help. Usually I insert all my Orbx stuff down below Elgin or Edwards, but it doesn't work anywhere.


AEC is not working AT ALL, was working just a week ago with this same version of P3Dv4.5hf

Lights Configurator not working at all. (getting errors on exit)

Orbx Global, which is near the top of my scenery library, doesn't seem to even be installed.... 


I am at a total loss.


Does anyone have ANY idea what I am doing wrong? Should I uninstall all my Orbx stuff and delete the Orbx Central Library outside of my Sim and install it inside my sim?? 


I feel lost here, no idea what to do next. 


thanks for any help.


PS:If you need ANY logs or info just ask....


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I tried remaking my scenery.cfg and "it seems" to be working now, my library is still all over the place BUT the Orbx Libs are below Bathymetry so that must have been it?? ( tried this: 

At least my airport is working and Global Base seems to look a little better.


AEC and Lights Configurator though seem to not be working at all.


I'll keep messing with it.




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20 hours ago, Mitchell Williamson said:

We've now released Central 4.0.10 and Global Vector 1.6.3 which includes support within the AEC auto-config tool for add-on.xml installed products

 AWESOME!! Thank you!!

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