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SimStarter NG and Orbx Central

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Using P3Dv4, is anyone aware of any problems using SimStarter NG which would be affected by Orbx Central's converting Orbx stuff by the add-on.xml method?  That is, I would like to move my Orbx stuff to another drive other than the one occupied by P3D, but it appears it involves converting the Orbx sceneries using the add-on.xml method in order to do the transfer, and I'm concerned my profiles in SimStarter will be messed up and will need a complete overhaul.  Hoping this will not be the case, since I'd like to install the new Orbx Central.  I have read the user manual to try to find clarification of setting up a new disk drive for Orbx sceneries, but this issue, of course, wasn't covered. 


Thanks for any advice and assistance.


Edit:  I just realized that this perhaps should have been posted in the new Orbx Central forum.  Sorry!

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