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A communications error

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It appears something is crashing the download component of Central, or the executable is missing.


Can you try the following:

  • Delete the Orbx Central temporary files, this can be found at:
    • %TEMP%\Orbx
  • Try to launch Central and update/install a product.
  • Check if the error persists, if it does, then:
  • Does the following file exist on your computer?
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\orbx-central\saturn-win\Saturn.exe
    • If not, then you may need to reinstall Orbx Central.
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I have also had this problem when trying to reinstall Washington HD for x-Plane. I have tried the solutions you have suggested (reinstalling Central ) and checking and reinstalling the files you have listed. The problem of "Error:A communication error occurred..." being displayed continues. There are now 3 programs for NW USA which I cannot access. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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2 hours ago, Stu Antonio said:

Suddenly works again here. 

Stu, when you say suddenly works again, you did nothing? I cannot get this thing to work. I also have the error "an error occurred while trying to synchronize your simulator" when using the sync option. This is with a fresh install of P3D, following proper uninstall procedures. I am at a loss right now.



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What I have found with this error, when an update installs it works but after a reboot it returns, I have been in the position that reinstalling the OrbX central when I want to change stuff is the only solution, not ideal but it works and I dont change stuff often

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