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  1. Just found this thread after experiencing the same CTDs with terrain.dll over and over again when flying over or approaching Geneva. So add me to the list, I also hope for a fix to come soon. Thanks
  2. If I may chime in here, I also have "out of dedicated memory" errors at LDSP, and there only. Happens when I'm preparing my flight out. I can klick "OK" and the sim will continue working for whatever reason, but it's strange that it happens only at LDSP- Of my 7GB available vram, just loading a situation parked at LDSP will show 6.7 GB of vram used..... (P3Dv5.2 HF1) PS: idk if this helps but it would be great to have the option to deactivate some of the scenery features, for example the moving people inside the terminal... I could imagine this being quite a performance influencing thing.
  3. Sry for the late report, reinstalling fixed it for me.
  4. Hi, JICYMI, I noticed a unfortunate placed runway edge light at the intersection Alpha, just on the taxi line... Cheers!
  5. Alright, thanks. Then I will try to reinstall the product and if necessary, troubleshoot further in another direction. Cheers, Stu
  6. I'm sorry, but I still don't know what you are trying to say. Maybe there's a misunderstanding. I'm just a customer, I bought the Split airport scenery and installed it via Orbx Central, and the ILS for RWY 05 does not show a localizer (lateral guidance). I don't see how applying "knowledge of ILS" or determining the difference to the "default ILS" is solving this for me. As fas as I can tell, the frequency (and course) I set in my approach is correct and should give me not only the glideslope but localizer as well. I think I installed it correctly, if there is something I need to do on top of this to get it to work properly, please let me know. If I'm missing the clues all together here, please forgive me. Thanks!
  7. Hi Nick, thanks, but what does that mean? Is something wrong with the scenery or did I mess up? According to the charts, Freq and Ident are correct....
  8. Hi, I bought Split/LDSP today and on my first flight in (ILS05 Z) it was missing the localizer. The G/S is showing correctly, but I have no lateral guidance. Tried again form a saved state, same result. No localizer showing all the way down to the runway. Am I missing something? Any suggestions? Thanks, Stu
  9. Sorry for the late response. I just go with Envshade default settings for now.
  10. One last thing to add: I commend the staff's tone and support here, 'cause even though this problem was most likely nothing related to their product, they did not immediately send me away blaming another developer, but tried to help me fixing the problem. That - to me - is worth noting and not always the case in other forums. Thanks guys! Stu
  11. Quick followup: I have found the "issue". It is indeed caused by envshade. The slider "Terrain saturation" - while it has very subtile effects on daytime textures - makes a huge impact on those highway night lights. Set to "normal" already turns the lights pretty orange, turning this slider up by only 0.2 turns them plain red very quickly. Why it only seem to affect Europe I do not know. So I guess I will have to turn this slider down a few points, even though it of course also affect the daytime saturation. Maybe I will take this to TOGA for further investigation. Cheers!
  12. Hi NIck, well, initially I thought maybe it's a Germany South/North issue or something. Or maybe Vector (which I didn't install because the internet says it's not neccessary anymore for v5??). IDK. Anyway, since it seems that is has nothing to do with Orbx, I won't bother you any longer and maybe take this to Avsim or LM's Forum. Maybe someone has another idea. Thanks and regards, Stu
  13. Thanks Nick, really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, my sim seems to dislike your shaders ... upon loading, it's showing "Compiling initial shaders.." with 99% loaded for 5 minutes, then it's loading some strange limbo scenario with no plane and no ground, just sky and clouds.
  14. I honestly did nothing special to my shaders, other than envshade. But even with standard shaders (as described above) it is this way. I tried every combination of default and add-on shaders/textures, I also switched the "new technique night lighting" on and off. No effect. I don't understand how this is affected by shaders anyway. Aren't those just textures? And why is it only in Europe? I've read of other people having the same issue since v5.0. I just don't get why it's apparently just a few who have this problem. I mean this is really really pretty red.
  15. Thanks Ed. I tried with default shaders (deleted folder, verified default shaders), but here's how that looks. No Black Marble or anything. It's mainly the bigger roads/highways that are just too orange/red. And I only have this in Europe. Will investigate further, seems to be a strange one....
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