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Transfer of current Orbx scenery to Central

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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  X-Plane 11



Before I commit to the new Central, can you tell me if it is easy enough to transfer my current Orbx scenery into Central.

I ask because I already have it all on a separate drive using symbolic links to the X-Plane 'Custom Scenery' directory and being able to switch easily will prevent me from having to reinstall.



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Hi Mick,


It is relatively easy to move a product from your simulator into a "library". You can do this by clicking the "Migrate to Library" button on the product pages.


I would test it with a small airport first (e.g. L52) just in case something does go wrong.


However, if everything is working fine there's no need to move your currently installed scenery into a library. You can just use the library system for new installs if you wish.

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