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active Default Parking Position Issues at Startup at LEAS and LEBB - Please Help

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Mr default aircraft  parking positions  at LEBB and LEAS are incorrect.  I'm not certain if its an issue with GSX or an issue with the scenery.  I'm running P3Dv4.5 and have verified the files for both sceneries.  The top picture is LEAS and the bottom picture is LEBB.  As you can see the aircraft are way out of position.  I own a lot of ORBX scenery and these two airports are the first to give me this type of problem.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciate.  





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I'll answer my own question, now that I've discovered the solution and would like to assist others if they have the same problems I had.  Either delete or place OFF after the BGL of the AFCAD files for LEBB and LEAS in Traffic Global at \Documents\TrafficGlobal\AirportFacilities\Scenery\ ...  The conflict placing the aircraft in the wrong place will be eliminated.  I hope this assists someone.



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Thanks for reporting the solution and I apologize for never replying last time, I missed that you wrote!

We know that at least one other AI-program adds AFCAD-files that interferes with our addons, but good to know that Traffic Global does the same for the future.


Thanks gain Chuckers for taking the time to report the solution, it sure helps us and not least other customers.

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