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YMML problem


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this is what it says:



Compatibility Notes
Please visit https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/80-orbx-compatibility-forum/ for the latest compatibility information regarding Australia v2 and third-party add-ons.
Other Orbx products for Australia
Since the terrain components of Australia v2 are very different from the previous version most of our existing airports and Cityscape addons will require updates to achieve full compatibility. These will be delivered as individual service packs for these products so please monitor our forum release announcements and/or the notifications within FTX Central as to which updates are available.

Airport Elevations

If you are using Orbx Global Vector please start its Control Panel, switch to the [Airport Elevation Corrections] tab, and select [Run Auto-configuration]. Don't forget to press Apply before closing the configuration tool. Doing so will ensure that Vector files for airports-within the Australia v2 coverage area will be properly deactivated. Tip: given that AUv2 includes all of the default Australian airports, instead of running the autoconfiguration option you can just type the letter “Y” in the 'AEC is enabled for' search box and then select all ICAOs shown in the resulting list (except for “Y74”, which is an airfield in North Dakota, USA), and then click on Disable and then Apply. If you notice airport elevation issues despite completing the above steps you may have third-party add-ons active that also affect elevations at airports. Usually, searching for .bgl files that contain the airport's ICAO as part of their names will give you clues as to which folders and thus add-ons the potential culprits reside in. If you're unsure, ask us in our support forums.
Global Vector Australia

checkbox If you are using Orbx Global Vector along with FTX Australia v1 you needed to set its “I have FTX Australia” checkbox active, which deactivated a number of incompatible Global Vector files. Technically, this is no longer required as Australia v2 now fully excludes all scenery/landscape components at lower display priority in the scenery library menu. Still, we recommend you leave it checked.
FlyTampa Sydney

If you have this airport add-on installed please deactivate its “Fly Tampa-Sydney_LC" entry in your scenery library menu. This will prevent the incompatible (and unneeded) landclass file from placing randomly changing ground textures in the airport's vicinity.  


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