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MIssing Air NZ AI traffic in latest Orbx v2 AI update

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Firstly, running windows 10, P3Dv4.5 and UTLive.

Internal AI Traffic is set to zero as I set all traffic in UTLive.

I have disabled the first 2 check boxes in the ORBX Ai traffic setup

I did have a 3rd party BGL for NZAA, but have deleted it now - defaulting again to the FTX BGL

No matter what settings I make, or change , NZAA is populated with all airlines -  except Air NZ

No Domestic, No International

Any help appreciated

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I can understand your preference for UTL for the rest of the world, but if you really want to

experience the real NZ traffic and the airlines that fly to and around NZ you must do 2 things.

Tick that second box for International traffic. On the P3d interface set airline traffic and 

general aviation sliders to at least 70% ( I have mine at 80%.) this will let you see all the 

local and International traffic at roughly the time of day that they are due. 

Do this when you are flying in NZ and I don't think you will be disappointed.

I am sorry that I cannot advise if you will have any conflict with UTL but I don't think so.

If you do there will be a simple solution that someone smarter than me will advise.

Good luck.



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Update.. Thanks for the response. Have tried both options on and off. I run UTL at 90 percent. Usually when I start up it populates the airport with static traffic. But since the update to version 2.0  - not one AIR NZ flight is on the ground.. They do arrive in dribs and drabs and taxi to gate - but what happened to all the static traffic - (All other airlines are there).

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I'm sorry but I am not completely clear on what settings you are using. If you have both UTL and Orbx AI traffic you will have duplications. The Orbx AI pack includes all the commercial airlines for NZ and quite a chunk of GA aircraft so having UTL active as well would result in a massive overkill. That would undoubtedly leave no vacant parking spots for arriving AI aircraft.


Best to disable UTL while flying in Australia or New Zealand.

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