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BUG REPORT - Ben Nevis

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Hi, any date for getting this error fixed?


Ben Nevis is the highest and most famous mountain in the UK and, as it stands, it is unusable in TE GB North. Looks like this bug was reported over 4 months ago, and hasn't even had a response yet, much less a fix.


The True Earth User Guides says, "Orbx FTX experts will be available to review your support questions and you will usually get a reply on the forums within 12 hours, often much sooner than that."



Ben Nevis mesh error.jpg

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At the moment, we're at the mercy of trying to source some better quality mesh for Scotland, and this region is long overdue a service pack. Sadly, it's currently behind the other regions in terms of priority on pushing out updates as there are some glaring issues still to be fixed in those that actually stop the sim from working for certain users rather than graphical anomalies


We are aware of the problem however and it's not being ignored, but sorry it's not the response you were expecting at present.


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