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Aerofly (Live) METAR weather data


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This subforum has been here a while with nuthin' init, so I figured I would start the first topic and see whut happens! 


I'll start with a nice little WIP tool by a gent who goes by the name ARMITAGE, and I'll post his explanation below: https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/14091-live-metar-weather-data-for-aerofly-fs-2/&postID=73440#post73440




For me weather is one of the main challenging aspects of every flight simulator. Aerofly FS 2 offers some controls to change the in-game weather - but I always forgot about them, or did not take the time to set them to real world conditions, let alone set the time correctly. But wouldn't it be cool to set the weather conditions (and time) to real-life conditions by just the press of a button? To brave the the same wind conditions, wind gusts, or dark and foggy nights like real-world pilots have to do right now?

Actually there are plenty of sources for real-world aviation weather in a machine readable format called METAR. On the other hand Aerofly FS 2 stores its weather settings in its main configuration file. So...


I have completed step 4 of my roadmap to live weather in Aerofly FS2 and present the Aerofly Wettergerät. Like its predecessor, it copies METAR weather reports into your AFS2 configuration file, and comes as a command-line utility as well as a desktop application: https://github.com/fboes/aerofly-wettergeraet

It is somewhat uglier than "Aerofly-Weather" (AeroWX), but more than ten times smaller in download size, has a smaller memory footprint, and does not require a manual (until you run into trouble) or any secondary software anymore.

Even more important: It is the last step I needed to finish before tackling step 5, the integrated "Aerofly Wettergerät DLL", which will update weather while AFS2 is running, without any further button mashing required. As the demo DLL now compiles on my rig and the first relevant symbols have been exchanged, I am confident that step 5 is in our reach, even though it may take some considerable time. I'll keep you posted.




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