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  1. I am hoping that the extisting products can be updated
  2. Worked flawless. Now lets wait for GCTS and GCXO for MSFS All purchased for XP and P3D are now freezed.
  3. Perfect. I got GCTS from your old store. Whats the procedure?
  4. Interesting. What about those that already own some airports of them. Can we merge them like we did with the pilotshop a few years back?
  5. I still would buy TE Switzerland for MSFS, as the Bing textures are crap
  6. Yeah, my Alpha/Closed Beta was discovered too. Two things I would love to see. Can you distiguish the entries from Beta and Production code? Nags with X-Plane too. Got two installations, one is Beta and the other Final Besides this I would love to see Triengen and Samedan in MSFS and of course the complete Alaska / PNW series of airports
  7. I am just trying to understand how this works. I got a few airports which the elevation is not correct since v45. And there are exactly tow elevation correction files which are in that folder. Taking this new information you said, that scenery\world\scenery is not being read for elevation, this would mean that this could be the reason.
  8. Well, i installed Australia V2 just about two weeks ago. The installer puts them into that folder. Can you elaborate for me why the installer puts them there if the sim will not read them
  9. Seriously. Why then you pack the elevetaion files in there when installing with Central 4.19? Why does Simwings and other Devs pack the files in there? I got v5hf1
  10. Shoudn't this file end up in the folder scenery\world\senery like the other elevation adjustment?
  11. Hi I got SODE for P3Dv5 installed. I get the option to install SODE through the Orbx Central too. Do I need to install it or not? Thanks
  12. Same for me. Mesh is driving me nuts in Norway. Airports flat or floating ...
  13. Narvik is listed and compatible, but not showing up ...
  14. Hi I got Narvik and FTX Norway installed. Narvik is not showing. It is a fresh install, and if I say fresh, no P3Dv4 was installed before V5 No other add-ons except Orbx are yet installed Any idea?
  15. Hi I got a Photoscenery from Switzerland, but there are no autogen nothing included. All is flat. I was wondering where I would need to inset the Photo BGL to combine them with Vectors. Chees Martin
  16. Hi Could you add the helipad start locations for the LSZS Airport. Would be great. Thanks
  17. Its not this easy. Eiger 3D, Matterhorn Park conflics with the meshes too. As XP does only allow exactly 1 mesh, you will have to recompile the mesh. Fabio released a tutorial on how to do it with the Frank/Fabio sceneries and released the source srtm file they used. Btw, case you use HD Mesh or UHD Mesh you will run into the same issues. Monument Valley has the same issue. Short: You will have to use O4XP and recompile the tile in question. Unless the vendor of the product is nice enough to sell the different mesh compilation with the product. If I recall right my memories, Aerosoft did exactly this with their airports. Delivering all variation of mesh options. Basically we got 3 Default XP11 O4XP HD/UHD Mesh (No longer produced)
  18. Well, well well It is certainly true that AFS2 is brilliant in terms of VR and performance. But what if the sim is standing alone, then it is where XP has been back in the XP5 days. Little to nowhere In fact, they really haven't made too much progress. The ATC is not really outstanding, but hey, XP got the same issue. No winter. XP without tweaking -> no winter. AFS2 is brilliant for Switzerland VFR, if you got 15min spare between work and dinner. More than this, still not really. Its useless to have a a brilliant VR engine, if the aircrafts are sub par to anything. My expectation was very high with the Justflight planes, which are awesome in XP. They fall short. Sorry. Not due to JF but due to sim limitation. I talked to the dev and SDK lacks of. So, AFS lacks in way more areas and due to this, nice to hand it over for a quick flight to inexperienced flyers, that want to take command of a non sophisticated plane with nice scenery. Good for quick sim trials at expositions This is my summary after a year trying to get something out of AFS and IPACS. The most complete sim remains P3D as much as I hate to say this. Their VR implementation is subpar to anything around, but hey, the rest of the sim works
  19. This is really epic. I would have hoped you star with Vancouver BC upwards, but its an awesome start
  20. I was there last year in October. I would have hoped is to get the entire island. Just the airport is not enough.
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