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I purchased few products from your website and am very happy with the result in general however I have noticed that when flying out of my hometown airports in southern Poland (EPBA, EPKW, EPZR) there are 2 huge lakes missing from the game namely Zbiornik Goczlkowicki 9near Czechowice-Dziedzice) and Jezioro Zywieckie (near Zywiec) - see attached screenshots from google and FSX - they are represented as grassland in-game...


This makes for a strange, unrealistic flying experience especially that they are perfect for water landings... and they were there with default FSX scenery... All other (smaller) water bodies are mostly there... so... you see why I am a bit taken back as I bought several OrbX products and finding out they are missing.


At this point I'm not sure if it's me who didn't check some box during install or did you guys simply forgot about those lakes? Or is it some bug or scenery issue.


I'd really appreciate your help! 


Thanks in advance for your time and again compliments on otherwice great products!












1 - ZKjWRCz.jpg

2 - 7hf9s5D.jpg

3 - WrAFQrH.jpg

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I have tried different configurations eg. disabling Wetlands FTX Central 3 but still lakes not showing....


Global VECTOR -> Control Panel -> Various Features -> Wetlands


Global Vector -> Control Panel -> Water features (tab gives me only 2 options)


-Small Rivers & Streams

-Frozen surface (in winter only)


Those are checked and appear in game.


Please advise..







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I am mostly flying VFR so lakes are somewhat essential feature... see attached screenshots of another (even bigger!) lake missing from my region.

FSX In-flight when I go to map there are some lakes showing but the big ones we discussed are missing.


Thanks again for helping out.




1 - cj1Vfmf.png

2 - cRaD7Wc.jpg

3 - 1sVASW4.jpg

4 - XbYeiTK.jpg

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I already tried veryfing files in Vector, it says its up to date v.1.52


FTX central doesn't give look/check for an update option.


According to screenshots everything is up to date.

If not where I could download the latest update and veryfy if the lakes are there?


Thanks for your speedy reply,



1 - 565dXHS.jpg

2 - xDm58u2.jpg

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So... wait - am I to understand that this issue won't be resolved anytime soon?


Who is updating the VECTOR? Should it be reported to the person responsible so they can work on it/add missing lakes?


I have paid a lot of money for 4 Orbx products... and your answer suggest that there is no mechanism for reporting those issues.


I am flying VFR mostly and would like to be able to recognise my region - otherwise I could have stick to FSX default... or I could have bought other products...


Could you point me to someone who can do more about this?


Thanks again for your help.





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