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BUG REPORT - About "North"

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In another topic thread 'Nick Cooper' advised that, rather than make generalizations about "coastlines without cliffs", I should use the support forum so here I am.  These shots are 100% 'V' key.

There is an obvious quality difference between GB North and Central - can we expect improvement or is this it?


From GB NORTH - east of Edinburgh, just past the town of North Berwick is Tantallon Castle, on a cliff at this location.


GB CENTRAL - 10 miles down the coast from the above location the coastline does have cliffs.  Note:  This is GB CENTRAL. 


For reference - the actual Tantallon Castle.


GB NORTH - coastline from the vicinity of Dunottar Castle.


GB NORTH - Dunottar Castle


For reference - the actual Dunottar Castle.




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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to BUG REPORT - About "North"

Are the textures used in North of a lower resolution than South and Central as the previous 2 regions seem much sharper with more detailed coastlines. I'm finding North seems quite fuzzy and low definition by comparison and as mentioned above much of the fine detail in coastlines seems to be missing.


Steve M



TE GB South (2).png

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2 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Thanks, you will see that to help attract the attention of the developers, I have added to your topic title.

Naturally, you did put the castles forward as POI requests in this topic?



Yes I submitted several KMZ files of which JV accepted four - the others were already submitted.  A question on that.  I know that Richard Bui produced several excellent POI's for FTX SCO - these for "North" are not as good.  Just curious.

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To expand on my report above - flew the northwest coast from Stornoway over to the mainland then up around Cape Wrath and along the coat towards John O' Groats.  Happy to say your west side coastline is the quality we've come to expect from these TE sceneries.  However there is a point where it starts going pear-shaped and becomes what I showed in my previous post.


This is the normal Orbx TE quality coastline a few miles west of where the bad stuff begins. 


The town of Thurso and Scrabster docks - you can see the green texture starting to cascade over the cliffs.  Also note a distinct change in coloration.


Dunnet Head, most northerly point on the mainland.  The texture cascade continues, becoming almost total obscuration of the cliffs.   


The line marks the extent of the phenominon - refer to my previous post for how bad.


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