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Iceland Airports Floating Runways

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 I installed ORBX LC EUROPE (#order 5b6c766ea619e )  and i installed iceland demo, i read it was useless so i uninstalled iceland demo and reinstalled lc europe but i still have the same problem of elevation,  all the files from orbx OLC EUROPE indicate as elevation 39 meters when the real airport is 52 meters , how can i change this ,  i also have some files called AECBIKF in world scenery of P3Dv4 folder with 39 meters elevation.  but my stock airport from p3d is indicating 52 meters,  why OLC display wrong elevation, how can i fix this its really annoying .


  What should i do to have the good elevation from the ORBX airports , i already ran the FTX VECTOR AEC TOOL , it put bikf and all iceland airports as disabled , but no change in elevation, i have always the bad elevation in all iceland airports, please help , i spent already like days on this, im really pissed off ,   please HELP





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