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BUG Report - True Earth GB Central

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Flying near my home around the Blacpool area I have noticed that parts of the Ribble Estuary, and Preston Docks have a grass texture instead of a water texture, most of the Estuary and river have the correct water texture. Is this a bug that can be fixed or could it be my scenery order in the scenery.ini file (see attached file). Other than that the scenery is amazing. Very well done.



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12 hours ago, Traikus said:

Also seeing this. I've double checked my Scenery.ini and it appears in order.


I also noticed that along the coast near Southport a tile is repeated so it appears a road is under water and looks very green.


scenery_packs.ini 6.66 kB · 0 downloads

Passed to the devs in your other post on the same subject.

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