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Still missing part of Suriname river after november 2018 Update Global Vector

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Hello Orbx,
First ofcourse: thanks for the recent update of Global Vector. It is great, you guys and gals keep improving products and I really appreciate that.


I expected an error I brought in a few months ago - and that was suffixed as Noted - to be solved in this update, but it was not.
Therefore I would like to attrackt your attention to it a second time. It is described here: 

Hoping ofcourse it wil be solved in the next Vector update or if needed in the next LC South America update ... :-)
Bram Stikkel

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I received an answer from Stefan Schaefer from Pilot's.

Stefan writes: "the contract with ORBX ended and they took over all Vector development. "

Therefore I hope, someone from Orbx will look into this topic.

In earlier days there was a need to put ordernumbers as information below the topics, as proof of purchase of the products. I this still needed and is this the reason there is not any reply to this topic until now? If nessecary I can ofcourse provide the ordernumber but I suppose this is not needed anymore since this is easy to check in the ORBX Central database

With all understanding for busy periods, could somebody of ORBX please give a reply...


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