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Bug Report - Possible scenery masking issue in TE GBS

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I would like to report a "possible" texture masking issue (?) in True Earth, Great Britain South


General Location is Barmouth, North West Wales, Mawddach Valley Estuary

Closest airport is : Llandbehr (EGFD)


As can be seen from the following screenshots, there are areas of "pink" present in what is either a water body or a different vegetation area. I use a colour look up table (LUT) with Reshade with colour rendering and it has been suggested to me from other members that possibly the LUT make be making a mistake in the colour remapping. In order to check this, I have include the same screenshot with the LUT turned off. I only use this one shader in Reshade, so when the lut is off the screen colours are straight "vanilla" Xplane. 


As one can see, the odd color is still present, but subdued.  I have also included one screen capture with the Avitab moving map displayed. The actual 
latitude and longitude of the aircraft are indicated at the top of the map.


Thank you


General view for orientation looking west towards Barmouth, North West Wales



Areas of "pink" ground textures - LUT Applied . Please note that there is a small water body just below the right wing tip. It has a correct water mask applied.




Same Screenshot with Moving Map displayed. Latitude, Longitude of aircraft shown at top of map



Same Screenshot - LUT turned off





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