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bug report TE GB South .

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The night lighting is missing for the Canary Wharf buildings (London_cdb?) 

The motorway bridge that crosses the Thames (Queen Elizabeth bridge?) has autogen roads and traffic passing beneath and through it to either side while no traffic actually crosses the bridge. Whatever magic you worked with OrbX Barton motorway bridge would also be welcome here. (It is also missing any night textures or warning lights)


For some reason some of OrbX scenery objects shimmer as though they need more AA, even at max filtering settings some still shimmer. This is true of Elizabeth motorway bridge for example and also it seems to apply to some roads (hand placed roads as have roads on transparent?). Houses etc seem fine, it is just certain objects but I find it quite noticeable and it detracts from the otherwise beautiful and rock solid image quality. (Tested with various aircraft etc)Log.txt scenery_packs.ini

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