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  1. Hi Tony, very much enjoyed your Xplane Barton will this soon be represented as well as EGCC? I also would like Manchester city represented as I feel England, especially N England is poorly represented at launch.
  2. I feel comfortable that OrbX have a future as MSFS2020 3rd party dev. If people think their city and town will be nice modelled with duplicate buildings they will likely be disappointed although the default autogen will be better than Xplanes and the photogrammetry cities will look awesome despite some flaws. Even London currently only has autogen and a handful of custom buildings and that is a major global city so you can imagine the vast majority of lesser known cities won't look anything like the Seattle demo which is the place where they have best Bing data, most manual work on the Ortho and custom buildings and many passes by the AI to build quality autogen and even then some of the buildings are deformed or low res looking closer up. Obviously as Bing data gets better and the AI algorithms are tightened and the more passes made with manual oversight along with more photogrammetry coming online the better it will look yet the world is a big place.
  3. 57 with the body of 80 year old but spirit of a young man, wish it was the other way around.
  4. Looks glorious. Are there any plans for EGCC Manchester? I know packages already exist but nothing close to the level of detail OrbX supply.
  5. Just to note that removing the line in your scenery_packs_ini file will not remove scenery or prevent it loading because as long as the scenery folder exists it will rewrite the line when Xplane starts. You have to physically delete the scenery folder to remove it.
  6. Thank you Tony, sorry to hear it is down the pecking order but since it requires more than just simple lit textures I guess it is understandable. However night flying around city areas is not really a worthwhile option with TE Britain currently with whole city centres blacked out so I hope it isn't too far back. It still looks amazing in day time though so thanks for your hard work.
  7. Thanks Tony. I assume that those with True Earth Central can delete the Barton overlay folder that is reinstalled with the update? Unfortunately that gets rid of your customised Xplane Barton bridge. PS nice work on the added eye candy for Barton, thank you.
  8. Thanks Tony. I assume it will be addressed in a SP in the future but now at least I can be sure it is not an issue at my end.
  9. No announcements so it is unlikely to be an update that the user would see a benefit from. Another user has said it has reinstalled the Barton Overlay folder which Tony said was no longer needed so some dev input would help. Unfortunately dev input in this support forum requires some patience as they are no doubt reluctant to be pulled away from their creative duties. However some things do require dev input rather than generic support so hopefully Tony or another dev will arrive in due course and clear my own existing support threads as well as this.
  10. Your log.txt is inside your main Xplane folder. Have you tested Xplane with other scenery? Anyway Barton does not seem to be the issue according to @Jon Clarke so we could do with your log.txt to find any related errors. IF you are not sure where your main Xplane folder is located and assuming you are using Windows you can right click the start menu icon and from the popup menu left click "search" in the search box type "Xplane" and then under "best match" where the Xplane icon popsup right click on it and then left click on "Open File Location" from the drop down menu. That will open a window showing the contents of your main Xplane folder where you will find the log.txt Since you have it installed on Steam it will probably be at the below directory but it is easier to locate it through a search C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\commo\Xplane
  11. I think the OrbX central update is in readiness for Washington enhanced but they haven't announced its release so maybe not?
  12. I almost brought Brexit into the discussion but figured that would be like injecting plutonium into kittens - I will content myself with a sigh and leave this thread in peace.
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