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Netherlands TE water anomallies


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While enjoying The Netherlands very much, I have encountered some water problems which I want to bring to attention.

It started at Eemshaven. Maybe the nearby presence of FTX GEN has something to do with it?


P3D v4.1

Tested: shadows off, scenery set to Dense, water detail to Low, saved flight quit P3D and load flight again.


First, around the plane, I noticed square texture differences:



From above:



Then, near the coastline (Delfzijl), apparently within the range of the squares, the water masks are overflowing:



When further inland (near Oostwold), the anomalies disappear, so maybe it has something to do with internal and external water textures?




Ben van den Boomen.

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Thank you for your feedback Scott.

Maybe good to know if it isn't already known, I disabled FTX GEN and the anomalies disappeared.

So there seems to be a disturbance in the overlapping scenery.




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Same problem for me in Northern Sea. Squares of caribbean clear blue water in the near of the North Sea Islands. When GEN is deactivated everything is fine and the squares are gone.

P3Dv5 HF1, Global Base, EuropeLC, GEN, GES







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Hello Nick,


In P3dv5 go to ---Options--- then ---Add-on--- and then you can disable GEN in the scenery library. Unfortunally, you will  loose GEN complete and you have to be happy with it.  So, in my opinion not a real solution to get rid of these ugly squares.

By the way, I flew in overcast-conditions over Orbx-Alaska and saw square-fields (different grey) in clouds. These squares are not only connected to GEN I think.



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