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To help us get to the bottom of any scenery issues, please post your scenery_packs.ini and log.txt file along with any bug requests. Both these files can help us determine scenery conflicts and issues much easier than guessing from a description and hopefully will get the issue resolved quicker.


To locate these two files:


  • Open your X-Plane 11 directory.  (For Steam users, right-click on X-Plane in the library, select Properties and choose "Browse Local Files"). 
  • Look for a file called log.txt, if you have this file then please include this is your bug report
  • Open up the folder called Custom Scenery, and locate a file called "scenery_packs.ini". Please include this file in your bug report.


Both of these files are plain text and can be attached to your post (Preferably using the code icon <> in the toolbar to prevent formatting issues)


The log.txt file is overwritten everytime you restart X-Plane, so it's very important that you post this file before you restart X-Plane


The above files do not contain any personal information, product keys or anything that can be used to track a user, they are simply a way to help developers troubleshoot bugs.


Finally, please do not delete your scenery_packs.ini file every time a new scenery is installed. This advise has been passed around various forums and is used by freeware developers and our advice is that it should not be followed. Not everyone uses the standard naming conventions and it is very likely deleting this file will mess up any scenery and cause more problems that it is worth. 

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I have created a new sub forum for bug reports.

Please use this so that the developers can go to one place to read the reports.

Please note that the new sub forum is not for problems with making X Plane 11 or

the Orbx scenery work, it is for reporting anomalies or omissions that may be

found in working copies of products.

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