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Problem with download FTX Open LC NA through FTXC3


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I purchased few days ago, and I'm trying to download OPEN LC NA through the FTXC V3, 

but I continually receiving massage


Of course, i tried all methods introduced in this forum,

Of course, i downloaded manually from the site, but when i heat the install from my manually download,zip, 

FTXC3 DOWNLOAD AGAIN, and receiving the massage again, 

What's the problem?













  • Transaction ID: 5aa01ca671dd2
  • Product: FTX Global openLC North America
  • Amount paid: $27.48 AUD
  • Purchased at: 2018-03-07 17:09:39
  • Quantity purchased: 1
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Hi, welcome to the forums


Please try this,


Your simulator and all other programs need to be closed first, make sure your antivirus is not blocking it and your UAC is turned off, then try the below procedure.  Also be sure to have HD free space(temp folder) on C:\ that is at least two times the .zip file size so the product can download and extract itself.


Go to FTX Central 3 Settings.

Uncheck the “Use multiple threads for downloads”.

Click on the “Clear Temp” Button.

Click on “Save”.

Restart FTXC3, and try again.


 Please use a download manager for the below manual methods. Below is a good free DL manager, just beware in case it wants to install additional antivirus/malware like a lot of freeware does these days.   https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/   Browser extension DL managers do not work for this.


Alternatively, you can also use a download manager (to help avoid corrupt downloads) such as IDM and do a manual download from your Orbx Direct account web page (this is where a download manager works great) and click on the account button top of page, then find and click on the product info, and in the bottom line small print there is a manual download option, down load it and save it in a named folder, then open FTXC3 and select it, and click on the orange "installation options" and select "Install from my manually downloaded .zip". as per the below links.










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