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  1. Fellow Simmers, I am fairly new to this simming malarkey, so I have the stupid question of the week. I have C/Drive (XPlane) with 110GB free and D/Drive with 1.8TB free. I have read in these forums that it is possible to download terrain to a different drive to XPlane for it to use. How do you do that?? Any help or advice would be appreciated, words of one syllable as I'm not very tech savvy. Cheers in anticipation. W10, XP11.41, CIRRUS2 DESKTOP, i7 7700K, GTX1070 8GB, ASUS STRIX Z270F M/B, 16GB DDR4 2133 MHZ RAM
  2. Hello All, Morning Nick, Has the above issue been resolved unreservedly now by the developer, is it now safe to enable the immersion packages I have 737 (PMDG) & Lear Jet. Thanks
  3. I have a very decent internet connection, but the extraction of the files are taking way to long and I'm tired of this, I will request a refund if I cannot get this software soon! Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Downloading and installment of Trueearth Florida HD is taking forever, I'm now on my second try, will cancel an request refund if I have to wait so long, again.
  4. Operating system: W10 Simulator: X11.41 Screenshot: attached Issue: could not download and save the manifest I am facing the could not dowload and save the manifest error. I have tried reinstalling a few times and using the fast version deactivating antivirus and windows defender launching program as administrator before every action moving Orbx folder to the same drive as the xplane folder (g: drive) trying all possible locations for library folder, temporary location and back up sync to the simulator before every action creating the folder missing and even adding the scenery.ini [ERROR] Custom Scenery is missing (G:\Orbx\xp11\Orbx Libraries\Custom Scenery) any help is appreciated i am quite desperate thanks central.log
  5. This is the second time I have tried to download Southern California for X-Plane. Both times it got 'stuck'. This time with only 1GB left to go. Using Orbx Central's PAUSE then RESUME does not appear to move it on. Currently I am at 52.57GB downloaded out of 53.57GB, 51655 out of 52861 extracted. I will leave it as it is until about midnight Perth, Australia time (16:00 UTC about 14 hours from now). Maybe you can nudge it on before that, else I will have another go from the beginning. Thanks
  6. Hi I'm new to Orbx so this may be a straight forward answer. I read somewhere that if I purchase the HD version of SOCAL I also get the SD version. When I go into Orbx central all I can see is the HD version. In the near future I'll be upgrading my PC, however at the moment my pc doesn't have the space for the HD version. Any tips appreciated.
  7. Download speeds are horrendously slow this morning after the issues with connection interrupted last night. Was hoping to reinstall everything after I had to reinstall FSX yesterday but looking like I won't be flying this weekend
  8. Hi, I am trying to download the GB south scenery package from Orbx Central, but whenever I go to install the product, I get a message saying "A Communication Error as occurred while trying to perform this action." I have restarted the app, my computer and my network, but the error message persists. Also, the first time I tried to download this, it all went well. The download got to about 50% before Orbx central quit or crashed, and now the download has reset and I get this error message. Is there anything to do to fix this issue? Kamren central.log Operating system: Windows 10 64bit Simulator: Xplane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Communication error
  9. Hello, I just purchased ESGG Gothenburg airport (purchase order nº5df352880f4f7) but when I open ftx central and click on ESGG, it reads « there are no downloads available for this product ». Is there a solution ? thank you ! Ugo
  10. I am unable to download and install EGNX East Midlands. I did manage to download and install EGLC London City with Orbx Central. I never had a problem with FTX Central. I have made 3 attempts so far: On the first attempt the download got to 82% 439/514 extracted before freezing. On the second attempt the download got to 93% 459/514 extracted before freezing. On my third attempt the download got to 73% 459/514 extracted before freezing again. I also attempted to UPDATE my EGHI Southampton scenery but with no luck! Please advise me how I can download and install EGNX East Midlands. Thanks.
  11. I just bought Courchevel Airport and have error when I open it in X-plane. My orbx library needs update but I have tried now for few hours using orbx central but always have this error after few seconds (see image). This is also true when I try download the freeware airports like ENHA and ENOV. What is the problem? Edit: All is working now, no need to reply.
  12. Hello, I am having a problem re-downloading my Orbx products that were purchased. Here is a screenshot. Every time I go to verify files it says, Error: a communication error occurred when trying to perform this action. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong.
  13. Hi. Today 30/8/19 purchased EGLC. Downloaded OK.. but install button showed negative circular icon in red with line diag across. Is this download compatible with FSX.se. New Central is amazing!!
  14. how on earth do you download my two recent purchases...it was very easy to pay, but way too confusing on your download process...I'm lost on how to do all this orbx library stuff ...when I click on it , it asks for what app?..etc...was able to get a bunch of zip files only...opening them caused even more confusion....what am I doing wrong?
  15. I've just finished installing all my P3D software on a new computer. When it came to NSTU I chose the option to download and install as I couldn't find a saved zip for this airport. I now know why! The product has now been installed and I've found where you place it. But my problem is I would like to save the download. I assumed it would be a single zip (like everyone else does) but after pointing the installer to my downloads folder I now have multiple zip files with meaningless names. How can I determine which relate to NSTU and should I need to install this airport again how do I do it? I don't want to leave these zips where they are now. I have to say having purchased flight sim software for over 20 years this system is unique and not particularly user-friendly. I like to keep backups of my purchases but this system makes it difficult.
  16. Hello I bought ftx open lc europe a year ago and it is not in my orders on orbx however it is on my account flightsimstore but I can only download the old version of ftx open lc europe which n is not compatible with p3d v4 that I use
  17. I purchased few days ago, and I'm trying to download OPEN LC NA through the FTXC V3, but I continually receiving massage "RETRY THE DOWNLOAD" Of course, i tried all methods introduced in this forum, Of course, i downloaded manually from the site, but when i heat the install from my manually download,zip, FTXC3 DOWNLOAD AGAIN, and receiving the massage again, What's the problem? Transaction ID: 5aa01ca671dd2 Product: FTX Global openLC North America Amount paid: $27.48 AUD Purchased at: 2018-03-07 17:09:39 Quantity purchased: 1
  18. My account does not display all of my ORBX purchased products. Recently downloaded P3DV4.1 and need to download/install my ORBX purchase of NA Airport Pack. I previously purchased: NA SoCal, AI Traffic NA GA, NA Airport Pack; and only NA SoCal displays in my account. Your help and direction would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  19. Hello ORBX, Good evening from Canada! I keep getting this error notifying me that the download progress of ORBX Vector is interrupted. Please check the error log screenshots for details. Please help me resolve this issue, Thank you very much. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/cHmgq"><a href="//imgur.com/cHmgq"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Regards, Gordon
  20. I have retry download many times and still fail to finish the whole OpenLC NA download! To be honest, I have already retry a once for Global Base. But for OpenLC NA it is still fail after pressing Retry twice. Please check the attached pic and give me some help. Order number: 581d8c2407244
  21. Hi guys, So I have the download stuck like this for around one hour. How should I proceed? Thanks
  22. HELP!!!! Could anyonw please tell me what the attached photo mean? I tried downloading FTX Global via FTX Central 3. But it pops out this message. I tried downloading the second time and this message still appears! What should I do? Thanks.
  23. Hi all First time posting here, and very early stages of using ORBX products! Gotta admit I love the products, but I'm trying to download some further products through FTX Central v3.2.0.3 but have twice now come up with this error message (see attached photo and ftxc3.log file) ftxc3.log. Have been trying to download for a while now, and a few times in the last 2 days; at university, at home and on my wifi hotspot but still slow connection? I have cleared the download cache and also toggled between using multiple threads for downloads. I also get the option on most startups to re-migrate my unified Iclookup. Could someone please give me a hand? Cheers pilotbarks System specs are as follows: Macbook Pro 12,1 Bootcamp with Windows 10 Pro v. 1607 (Build 14393.1358) i7 3.1Ghz, 16GB, 1TB SSD
  24. I recently purchased Orbx SoCal and downloaded/installed through FTX Central. After installing I then installed the libraries. Going into FSX and looking in the scenery libraries tab within the settings I saw that they had indeed installed. I then loaded a flight at Las Vegas and noticed that it really looked like the scenery had not installed as I did not notice any change. I then loaded a flight at San Diego and noticed the same thing although random square water textures were loading where there is supposed to be land. I then uninstalled through FTX Central and tried re-installing however I get the error message in the image below. I tried "clear temp" and still the same thing. I tried the manual download and get the same issue. My two issues here are: 1. I installed it and it showed within the FSX scenery library although clearly did not install. 2. How do i get it to even re-download. I appreciate the help in advance!
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