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Earth Cones in Andes


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In South America for second day now and seeing a lot of earth cones in the Andes (photos are Peruvian Andes).  I also get this in North America (Yukon Territory and in the Buren Pennisula in Newfoundland).  Really annoying scenery anomolies.



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If you have Vector, you will need to add a mesh product to adjust the terrain to match the water levels.

It is the water pulling the land up to its level that causes this effect.

There is FTX Freeware mesh for South America.

There is other freeware mesh for North America.

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Thanks I now have South America covered but need Canada. I have all of ORBX Global Range products including the free openLC Mesh for South America. This includes open LC North America and FTX Gobal Vector.  Need a LOD 10 (or thereabouts) for Canada (in particular).  Payware is fine with me.






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