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Consistent ApphangB1's at LOWI


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I apologize for the duplicate post. I posted on the above subject about a few weeks ago. The thread was responded to by an Orbx rep who blamed the issue and a DirectX corruption and promptly locked my topic thread so I had no ability to even respond (Very unprofessional...come on guys...). I've spend hundreds $$$ at Orbx for years. I'm a loyal and consistent customer.  So since, I ran every diagnostic available for windows, no errors anywhere. Everything works fine, even P3DV4.1 works perfectly, except when I fly to Orbx LOWI. I have a 7700K at 5.3ghz, (2) 1080Ti's, and a 2TB M.2 SSD. Nvidia drivers 388.13...the latest. Windows 10 indicates DirectX is working fine. So I began a trouble shooting process, trying my best to replicate the few crashes I experienced. I did this by conducting several test flights. 6 to be exact, at various locations around the world, 5 out of 6 flying from a non-Orbx area/airport into an Orbx airport. No issues, performed flawlessly! Then, the 7th flight, I chose to re-attempt EKCH to LOWI. Guess what? ApphangB1 descending into LOWI. I don't know how else to say it, but I believe there is an issue with the scenery causing this. Here is my test log I created:


11/22/17 AppHangB1

1649 On approach LOWI Rwy 26 from EKCH, during descent phase ORBX Scenery ***ApphangB1 CTD***

2033 On approach LOWI Rwy 26 from EKCH, during descent phase ORBX Scenery ***ApphangB1 CTD ***


Flights without CTD's // ApphangB1 // AFTER ABOVE APPHANGB1’S:

11/23/17 @ 1204 Flightbeam KDEN direct to Orbx KEGE ***No crash***

11/25/17 @ 1153 Flightbeam KPHX to Orbx PAJN 4 hours, 20 minutes *** No crash***

11/26/17@ 1236 Latin VFR KSNA to Flightbeam KIAD 5.5 hours ***No Crash***

11/26/17 @ 2232 FlyTampa Corfu (LGKR) to Orbx LDDU 1 hour ***No Crash***

11/27/17 @ 1326 Orbx EGHI to FlyTampa EHAM 1 hour ***No Crash***

11/29/17 @ 2307 ORBX LDPL to Aersoft GCLA w/ divert to GCTS ***No Crash***


OK, sounds good, so…lets fly from Fly Tampa EKCH to Orbx LOWI, should work based on above test flights! Results:


11/30/17 @ 1444 hours, Fly Tampa EHAM to Orbx LOWI, on descent, passing 28,000 feet 48 miles from TULSI1 for 26 LOCR ***ApphangB1***

 This ONLY, I repeat, ONLY happens when I fly into Orbx LOWI.

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I just performed a successful test flight in the PMDG NGX to LOWI. The only difference was compatibility was set to Germany South this time, NOT FTX Global as in the other flights resulting in apphangB1 errors. Apparently after my recent install of Germany South I should have gone into the LOWI control panel and changed this, not doing so can presumably casuse CTD's. 

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