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ESSA ground texture issue


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Good Day. 

I purchased ESSA a few days ago and I have just had the first chance to fly into it, however I seem to have an issue with the ground textures. 


I have the following installed, Global, Vector, EULC, Regions England, Scotland and Norway. Library files are upto date. I have checked the order of the scenery and it is below the library files but above all regions. I have no other airports in this region other than some Airports of Norway (AON), can anyone help me work out what the cause might be?

I do have MT6 installed but I turned the BGL to off in that bit of software other Orbx airports LDDU, LEBB seem fine.


Thank you in advance. 



ESSA Orbix.jpg

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I had the same problem, and fixed it by replacing the current terrain.cfg file (make a backup first!) with the one contained in the ORBX/Scripts folder and then running FTX configurator again, which apparently “forces” the terrain elements to be correctly assigned.

There is a thread about it somewhere here dealing with terrain “popping”

Hope it helps..

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