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Gibraltar Rock – OpenLC-Europe issue


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The east face of the Gibraltar Rock appears to have a land class issue


Picture 1 shows it with the ORBx Europe LC sceneries enabled, the south end has rock and a clear line separates the north end which is all forest covered.


Picture 2 shows it with the ORBx  Europe LC sceneries disabled.






I am on P3Dv4.




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Hi Nigel,


As Nick rightly points out, in GE it is more of a overgrowth covered steep slope, rather than a naked steep rock cliff. But as the name suggests "Rock of Gibralter" would suggest a great wall of rock, as it is depicted in Default sim scenery and my below picture.:unsure:  As Nick says, neither are particularly accurate.:o


Not to sure what is going on there, even with the EU OLC disabled you are not seeing the autogen houses. Perhaps if you are using Pilots FSGlobalMesh 2010 (Ultimate or Next Gen) this might be playing havok with the LC display on that steep slope. (Is your mesh Resolution 5m) Is your Scenery library / Insertion points in right order, have you any addon scenery around LXGB - Gibralter AB airport

Here is a link to another member post I think it has similarities to your picture. Although no-one pointed out the problem shown in his picture (Same issue as your OLC enabled picture)  https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/118922-can-i-make-a-request-please-cyprus-orbxfs-global-2010/?do=findComment&comment=1068808


This is how it looks in my FSX- FTXGlobal Base (Default) (ie; no EU_OLC no Vector) I also use FreeMeshX.... FSX Mesh Resolution 5m.... Texture Res 7cm.... Autogen slider Extremely Dense.:) 


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Hi Nick and Jeff


Thx for all that input.  I have FSGenesis mesh, turned that off but no difference. Changed my texture resolution but no change.  At this age I now realize computers sometimes do things which we don't understand and as we simmers have found out, two identical hardwares can produce different results. I have an airport addon, disabled that and no difference.


I don't fly Gibraltar often so will live with the "two-faced" rock.


Thx again



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