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*****This post is only relevant if you have both Canberra Cityscape and YSCB Airport scenery installed.*****


If you notice a couple of areas where the autogen is missing, one between the airport and the city centre (west), and one the other side of the industrial area (south west) you can apply the following fix which should restore the missing houses.


1.  In the...\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_YSCB\Scenery folder is a file named ORBX_YSCB_60cm_PR.bgl.  Rename this file to ORBX_YSCB_60cm_PR.bgl.OFF.


2.  Additionally, I have found it might be beneficial to remove the following files from the YSCB\Scenery folder, as they are duplicated in the Cityscape folder.  I was getting a lot of flickering in the industrial estate buildings that seems to have disappeared now.




This is where the autogen is missing:






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